How can OnCare's care plans and risk assessments help you?

Create client profiles with ease

Create a summary of each client, their needs, and their main care outcomes so it's easy for your care workers to digest and understand. The summary page can include basic client information, documents, client background and even reminders for key dates.

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Create unique care plans

Create detailed care plans for each of your clients capturing information in three main sections: General information, About me, My health and care.

Capture and share information about the client, who they are as a person and their preferences, and critical information needed to ensure they remain healthy.

Ensure outstanding person-centred care for your clients, and every time you update the care plan, the changes will be logged in the client's profile history.

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Risk assessments

Capture all associated risks related to a client, their care or their property under clear guided categories.

Within each category you can raise multiple individual risks, specifying who will be affected, and how the risk will be mitigated, as well as a 'likelihood' and 'severity' score, so risks can be ranked in order of their overall risk score.

Updating couldn't be simpler - just visit the client's profile page, remove, add or update risks as needed, and save.

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Personalised visit types

Create tailored 'visit types' to personalise the care given to each of your clients, stating the activities and tasks required on each different visit.

Help notes can be added against each task to explain the specific needs of the client to your care workers, and if any important activities are missed the care workers will be prompted to review the report before checking out.

Visit types can also be linked directly to the schedule, so care workers can see the types of visits they'll be attending straight from the schedule.

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Care worker app view

Care workers have access to all of the care plans and risk assessments for all clients whenever they need, in the palm of their hands.

Whenever an update is made to either of these areas, an 'Updated' badge will show to the care workers, prompting them to review the updates, and each section contains detailed information laid out in a clear easily-digestible format.

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